Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thurs 28th feb Woodburn

Almost the start of the season for real. Enough of this practising at north woodburn. Come Saturday the world(northern Ireland, but not Carlingford or Foyle) will be my oyster. Another disapointing day. Waved rod about ineffectivly for a couple of hours with a varity of flies on end.

Points of interest: i met a baliff today for the first time. very genial fellow but re-assures me to buy a permit for next year too.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

19 feb woodburn

I was contemplating leaving yet another blank day of this blog. and thereby not looking so bad.

here goes. quite windy, stuck with a weighted buzzer for most of the day, fishing from lunchtime to evening. went back to goldheaded bloodworm in desperation, all fished on wind beaten side.

results; fishless and cold

Saturday, 16 February 2008

16th feb craigavon

Just out for an hour, trying to break the deadlock that pimps have over me. using goldhead montana, not a bit of fish. though quite well about where to fish. fished into wind pushed spot. although, i did start off with suspended bloodworm. will be back later in year as it's the only water that dcal has that i can use the canoe on. it is very shallow though. blanked again but i wasn't expecting much.

excellent fly tying videos

For some excellent fly tying videos, check out steve cullen, the editor of total flyfisher demonstrating how to tie flies such as the cormorant, the humungus and the nomad. Great quality and for free.

Friday, 15 February 2008


if there is an add for fastmail flies click on it. their flies are very reasonably priced, the sets are excellent. and like their name they are posted very quickly.

*update* being lazy before here's the link

woodburn 15th feb


What do i have to do to catch a fish here. started of with a long leader (which i got caught instantly on the bottom and lost it) went back to pimp with bloodworm. then switched to a sinking line with wet flies. after lack of success and ass starting to freeze went home. got chatting to a fella fishing from his van. he was having good success. he only was starting fishing towards dusk and catching a couple everytime. i rigged up again and fished dry's into the night. eery. still nothing though. fish got active again at dusk. i feel as though i'm on o something

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

woodford 13th feb

woodford fly fishery. carrickerfergus. v. calm bright, no clouds.

absoludly no action on end of line. rats ass. tried quite alot of every thing. bloodworm, buzzers, elk hair dry, cdc f fly. using 5wt and floating line

alot of fish movemnt on surface, some acrobatics. fish rumoured to be carrring eggs, could have been trying to shed them. some very big fish (doubles?) showing themselves carrining around the surface. could also have been weedkiller. aparently that sends them crazy for a while too?

conclusions. bring 7wt out and go with lures for a bit, definatley sinking lines

Monday, 11 February 2008

advert whoring

Yep blog only up and running for a couple of hours and already i'm trying to cram some adverts on here.

please don't take offence just trying out some things for an assignment

Sat 09 feb evening Upper Woodburn, flyfishing, blowy and overcast

Started off with goldhead bloodworm under a pimp, fished close into the bank(wind on casting arm poor range), no joy.

switched onto cdc shuttlecock with wind at back and fishing into still water. no joy.

At the end as evening was drawing to a close tryed on the outlet pipe( not too sure of technial name or if i was allowed to walk out there) fish coming to surface. tryed goldhead peasant tail. no joy. but fish had become visble at surface for first time.

conclusion: must learn to cast into wind.

things to try: return to pier/outlet thing at dusk and try big black dries

Other Oberservations: Saw a dead otter, possibly poisined as no visible damage
took friend up, first day out flyfishing, must remember to catch fish when with witnesses