Wednesday, 7 July 2010

John Wilson's 501 Fishing Tips

I've long been a fan of Mr Wilson's, his enthusiasm for any type of fishing and the constant chuckling has got me through many a Saturday morning watching TV because the weather/child care/laziness has prevented me actually fishing for real. This meant I was especially pleased to receive the latest Magbook from Dennis publishing.
The magbook concept is a new one for me, but one that I've found highly agreeable. It's been a continuing trend over the past years to fill magazines full of advertising, but the magbooks are relatively ad free and jammed full of high quality content. This magbook in particular represents great value for money. Each tip is informative, the instructional illustrations and pictures are of the highest quality and Mr Wilson's charismatic style of teaching shines through on every page.
Every major species of fresh water fish has a couple of pages of invaluable tips devoted to them, i paid special attention to the pike sections as hopefully I'm going to targeting these boyos next season. There are also sections on techniques for boat fishing, all the different tackle available and the multitude of baits.
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