Saturday, 10 May 2008

Middle south woodburn, 7th May

looks like another term is nearly finished at Uni. Yay.

In a brief break from assignments and revising Andrew and I set off to try our luck at woodburn.

We started of at the Upper south, which is apparently a wild fishery and had some great craic fishing for tiny trout. I eventually caught a little scrapper on an F fly.

After spending too much time fishing for tiddlers we headed to the middle damn. Andrew racing ahead in anticipation of the prospect of catching something a bit bigger. By the time I caught up to him he was into a fair size of fish, which had fallen to his second cast of a snatcher.

It weighed in at about 2lbs but given a month or two probably would have been twice this as it was fairly skinny.
After this fish the reservoir choose not to be very productive. Possibly due to the extremely low water levels and bright sky. We still choose to fish on and pretty much gave every fly we owned a quick dunk in the water.


andrewgmurphy said...

Probably has more to do with me catching the last fish in the reservoir!

thebigandyt said...

Well, there is definatly one more, but he is in mourning

Unknown said...

My husband will love your blog, going to have to show him -- he loves him some fishin :)

thebigandyt said...

cheers, my wife is big into crafting she'll love yours. those railings are great

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