Saturday, 24 January 2009

It's a bit like waiting for a bus...

Murloc fishery 24th January

With the temperature rising, albeit barely, I figured a spot of fishing was in order. As Wifey was heading across town this gave me a perfect excuse to have a go at Murloc Angling and Rural Pursuits Centre. I've had a brief scouting opportunity here but this would be the first time fishing in Aghalee. I'll be moving house nearby soon so it would be great to check out my new local fishery.
A quick chat to the bosses and a bite to eat and I was soon on the water. Fred had filled in me in on a couple of possible tactics and also informed that an angler had just managed to catch 20 fish during the morning, things were looking promising.
Even so, after an hour of nothing I had settled myself into accepting the fact this could be quite a slow day for me. Soon after, Fred joined me to see how i was getting on, we talked through the rig I was using, apps bloodworm and black buzzer under a small bung, and he seemed sure that I was using the right tactics. It became clear what was going on after he twice noticed the bung going under in a very short space of time, true to form I hadn't noticed either take. Oops. The fish were taking the flies so gently the bung was just dipping under the water. It wasn't long after I started striking at the slightest movement that i started getting into the fish, although even though I was getting bites I still couldn't strike fast enough to set the hook.
I moved up a size of bung to let me see it more clearly and was advised by the ever helpful Fred to move to a better position and it wasn't long before i was into a fish. After striking and having a few nervous seconds praying the fish wouldn't slip off like it's brothers, it became clear the fish was securely caught and I could start bringing him in.
Within a few yard off the jetty it started getting a bit more complicated, I couldn't get him any closer to me to land him. As usual Fred and Fly were on hand to help as Fred grabbed a landing net it soon became clear why i was struggling to move such an average sized fish. There was a Monstrous Leviathan attached to the point fly. Yay a double Hookup! After quickly detaching the first fish from the line we manged to net the Biggest rainbow I have seen live, let alone caught. Fred assures me it was well over 3lbs, although if i was to use my tried and tested fishing measuring ability I would say that it was surely over 20lbs.

This was definitely the spot. Fred had positioned me over a deep hole where the trout were sheltering from the cold. After the excitement of a double hookup I needed a quick cup of tea so i retired back the lodge. In the meantime we directed another frozen fishless angler to the same spot and sure enough he was almost straight onto the trout.

After warming up in Murloc's luxurious log cabin I was back onto the jetty fishing over the same spot as before. And sure enough the rest of the day was spent with plenty of rod bending action.

A big thank you to Fred and his wife and of course Fly the springer for such a wonderful day, I can't wait to frequent Murloc more often.

inspired by my successful days fishing, that night i spent a couple of hours sorting out the crap in my portable ashtray and used line holder fly fishing vest. As you can see i tend to carry far too much stuff around in it

No wonder i can't find anything. Annoyingly once everything was sorted out, the jacket felt heavier than it was when i started. Also judging by the rate I've been buying tackle over the winter it could be set to become even heavier.


MY-NI said...

Back in the day you would have had to photoshop a picture of you holding a fish. Times have changed!

Fish Whisperer said...

Top fish Andy. Did you have to break the ice to get your fly wet? I usually wear that much clothing when i go skiing.

thebigandyt said...

@MY-NI it would have been another blank day if the owner hadn't put me onto where the fish were hiding

@Fish Whisperer Cheers. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't far off it.

Steve Dobson said...

Nice fish Andy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun Andy, dedication to the fishing cause is needed to venture out on these cold winter days. I am going to England to visit relatives this month so may give the local rainbow fishery a bash. Roll on spring or at least a break in this rain as I am getting webbed feet.


wow!great fish dude!

Unknown said...

nice blog

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Great picture, Andy.
I carry around a lot of stuff too, and it is difficult to get things organized.
Thanks for sharing.