Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Aggh the dreaded caenis, Straid 21st July

Managed to escape for a couple of hours in the evening. Everything looked great, the was a slight breeze and the sky was clouded over. Confidence was high for an incredible night fishing.

Unfortunately their was a big hatch of caenis and the fish were on them solidly. Started off with my old favorite the f fly but these didn't even get a look in. Switched to a rat faced mcdougal and tried to fish in the holes in the weed at the far bank. This proved more successful and I was soon into a great fish that took me down to the backing, my backing hadn't seen daylight for a long time.

After the first fish the trout moved in close and locked onto the caenis. it was incredibly frustrating seeing them so close and have them refuse everything. After a brief conflab with the manager, a shuttlecock fly was used. This proved to be successful and another smaller fish was hooked. By this time the night had fallen in but we still pushed through till we couldn't see the water let alone our flies.

We had been at Straid about a month ago on a boat but as we were bank fishing this time, we were able to see what the new fishery manager has done to the place. The banks are very accessible now, with new paths cut in the long grass and new pegs. Whilst it was alwaays a great fishery, I feel it will get even better over the next year.


Fish Whisperer said...

Just stopping buy to see whats new. Finally saw the pictures of the big trip. I am using dial up so it is a bit slow. I know the frustrations of seeing fish and they wont bite anything. Nothing a stick of TNT wont solve. LOL

thebigandyt said...

the next one we're going to try and bring some camping equipment and rough it for a night. A bit scary for a bunch of city boys

andrewgmurphy said...

Yo andy, was fishing minimean at lough navar forest on saturday, caught a lovely 1.5lb wild brown on the trusty f-fly. There was no activity cause it was windy but when the wind died down for 5 mins they were all up! small window but had the right fly at the right time!

thebigandyt said...

You can't beat the F Fly for versatility.

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