Friday, 11 July 2008

Blackwater Canoe Expedition

This is it. The canoe expedition of the century.

At the moment Thursday 17th July is the official date. The plan is:

1. Ian the Intrepit Explorer and Paul the Paddler and I meet at Blackwatertown.

2. Put both vessels into the water at slip way(fingers crossed they both float)

3. Wifey takes car and visits her friends nearby

4. We paddle down the Blackwater river

5. Stop for lunch at Moy

6. Paddle (or drift, the beauty of going downstream) to the Argory

7. Meet Wifey

8. Wifey takes Ian back to car at Blackwatertown

9. Wifey and Ian drive back to the waiting canoes and we all load up

More information of the Blackwater River can be found here

Also because this is pretty dependant on weather you can check here

Also important to note that we will be covering about six miles of river, even if we fall asleep in the canoes this will take us three hours. I'm expecting to do it less than that once all pee stops and tea breaks are taken into consideration

It is also important that Ian doesn't pick any more fights with inanimate lumps of metal. See previous post for reason.

*Update* As usual once you put anything down inwriting the details change. Originaly planned for the 16th the confirmed date is 17th. My Bad


Fish Whisperer said...

Andy sounds like a fun trip make sure you take the camera. I wanna see pics.

thebigandyt said...

Will do Callan. The hard part will be sneaking a rod out with me as none of the others fish

MY-NI said...

Blackwatertown? You're kidding right?

I'm like 60 seconds drive from there. Half a mile. I'd nearly turn up with fireworks to launch your expedition lol.

Tough times when you come to my end of the country.

thebigandyt said...

it's a cracking river to go on. it's slow enough to go upstream and remote enough to make you think you're in the wilderness

MY-NI said...

Few people have died in it over the years. Just be careful.

thebigandyt said...

Don't worry we're very buoyant.