Sunday, 13 April 2008

12th April, Killylane, Take two

I'll try and do this properly now.

Was joining up with Andrew and his cousin David at Killylane reservoir, originally it was to be Ballykeel, but we' heard it had been stocked recently. By the time i got there it was obvious that there was fish in the water, alot of activity at the surface. I'd started out with hat worked last time, cats whisker, but there was no takes. After a bit my fisherman senses started to tingle. The fish were a the surface, what could this mean?

A change of tactics was needed, on went a buzzer and indicator settup, this of course induced no takes. Strange that, with some much fish at the surface. After a fair bit of changing from this to that, it eventually dawned on me. They were taking flylife off the surface.

on went the F-fly and out came a fish. The f-fly is one of two dry flies i carry, the other is a elk hair thingy. I don't like to use floatant. Andrew switched soon after and he was quickly ino a fish too, this was unfortunalty lost at the net, so he 90% caught his first fish of the season.

A brief sensation of loss was felt whenever my personall favorite fly(i was thinking about nameing him) hopped of my fly patch and was lost forever in two inches of murky water. DAMN YOU GRAVITY, DAMN YOU.


andrewgmurphy said...

90% is good enough for me! Im tempted to work this afternoon and catch a couple of twilight hours at Ballykeel

thebigandyt said...

night fishing dosn't work either

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