Wednesday, 16 April 2008

15th April, Killylane Reservoir

Just when you think you're cracked this fishing malarkey, a day comes along that puts you right back to square one. After the previous Saturday's outing, I had started to feel like a real fly fisherman, as every fate had decided that she had had enough of my high horsed thinkings. To begin with I had an arranged class that I was considering ditching, the weather was too perfect and i wanted to go back to Killylane. After much internal debate, off I went to class. Luckily though the class ended early and there was still time to hit the water.

On the way there I was confident that we'd catch quickly and frequently, I was expecting similar conditions to last weekend. In some ways they were, the water was wet and the banks muddy. unfortunately the key ingredient of rising fish was not there. We had a couple of hours before dusk so we circumnavigated (that's a great word) the reservoir to see where to fish from on a better day. David even managed to get in a bit of tiddler fishing in small feeder stream

Even this was to no avail, although he did manage to get more bites than Andrew or I, even a size 16 hares ear nymph was too big to hook one.

Through-out our evening we waited expectantly for the fish to start to show themselves, but unfortunately this didn't happen. Factors or excuses include, no cloud cover, wind quite strong and finally the time of day.

At the end we were fairly disappointed, but looking back now, I shouldn't expect fish everytime i bring a rod out and at least we managed a proper recce of the reservoir.


MY-NI said...

Bet you wish you spent the time on PHP then :p

thebigandyt said...

it probably would have been a more constructive use of my time, but hey, even a bad days fishing beats a good day at work

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