Wednesday, 9 April 2008

9th April, Killylane Reservoir

Andrew and I had been getting a bit beaten about in uni with coursework so of course so rather than solve it by doing some work, we decided that the best option would be to go fishing. Seeing that time was tight, we made some very intelligent choices

1. choose a venue that was far away
2. Drive around a local town (a couple of times) to find a post office
3. choose a day where one of us was working in the morning and the other had a unmissable appointment that evening.

All of which left us with minus 15 minutes to get changed into waders and hike to the waters-edge.

Even with the odds staked against us, we still managed to have a good day. I feel as though I deserve a special mention after spotting rising fish whilst rigging up and then casting into the open mouth of the only fish that would oblige us by being caught. After which i could entice nothing to nibble my offering. First cast, straight into a fish, felt like a legend(for about ten minutes). Andrew managed to hook into a few fish, but after a brief struggle they were off again. At least he draws closer to his first fish of the season. When he does catch one, i hope for his sake it's huge. He deserves it, with the amount of patience he has shown.

We mainly stuck to lures, the only fish caught was on an orange cats whisker. Activity at surface was spotted but mainly dried up after the first half an hour.


andrewgmurphy said...

By hook into a few fish, I think Andy is trying to say I hooked into one and caught the bottom quite alot! That all elusive fish is getting closer. Its gonna be a whopper wait till u see!

Anonymous said...

Will you ever catch a fish? Since you have started i have only ever witnessed 2 fish??? i think maybe you might have to rethink your hobbie or the fish might be scared of you??

andrewgmurphy said...

I might tomorrow. Im going to tie an irresistable tasty treat. Might smear it in peanut butter.

Andy caught a fish on his first cast last time!

thebigandyt said...

the last time i brought a fish home, we were gutting it and naomi thought we had killed it's baby fish that were in it's stomach.

MY-NI said...

You should watch Finding Nemo before you go fishing. Inspiration to kill.