Friday, 14 March 2008

14th March Bantry Lough, co tyrone

Am i destined to never catch another fish, it looks like it at mo.

andrewgmurphy and i set out for lough money after finding ourselves at lose end. Unfortunately i had made the promise of good fishing. this probably put the scud on the day. The first half of the afternoon the weather and other signs were promising, unfortunately this didn't result in any takes. the second half of the afternoon, the wind picked up, this also didn't result in any takes.

We fished hard, but to no avail. mainly concentrated on buzzers, as there was a lot of empty buzzer shucks at the surface. Fish swirls were also present. It may have been an unsuccessful day, but it was good to get back to a place that i have a fondness for.

Next time andrew, i promise we'll catch fish.


MY-NI said...

I'm telling ya... dressing as a fish to entice them out of the river and into the back seat of your car is the way to go

andrewgmurphy said...

who are you? Old Gregg! Was a great day fishing. Pity my wooly bugger was no match for your mighty bloodworm. We shall return and yes mr bigandyt the fishing will commence once more over easter and the fish will be ours for the taking mwwwhaaaahahaha

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