Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Woodburn South Middle, 25th March

Started out with high hopes for today, After a quick ring around to recruit some fishermen, I always leave this until last moment, my brother was recruited. This of course meant i had to wait for a couple of hours to let him get sorted, Grrr. Arrived at reservoir at about two, two hours later than planned, Grrrrr. Not a bad day, the wind was down from the gale forces previously experienced and the rain was light.

I had stepped up the rod to my 7wt and was pleased with the increased distance. Using the 5wt for so long seems to have taught me a bit of finesse. There was a slight activity at the surface and i opted with buzzers, Nick opted for the dry. This he then casted into the only tree within 500yrds.

Unfortunately the day had to be cut short as obligations arose. Grrrrrr. At least i got lines wet, i had envisaged a fishing drought for the foreseeable future as uni and impending family-hood commitments arose.


andrewgmurphy said...

Stuff the Fishing drought bucko, the season has only started! I would have caught a fish today on account of me having bought some new flies! Got some gold heads and a fly that looks like a little fish. There has to be a next time! I need to make my recent purchase pay for itself. Sorry to hear of the fish drought and the tree catching.

thebigandyt said...

yeah, just being a bit melodramatic. i need to spend longer at the water rather than just typing about it.

andrewgmurphy said...

You should check this place out.

Tackle thats cheap as chips!


thebigandyt said...

It's a good site alright, i've had a couple of fly sets from there. Great stuff