Friday, 28 March 2008

Skip's Original Turn-On Strike Indicators

One of my most successful fall back methods has been suspending buzzers under a pimp. Recently though, with moving from small stillwaters to large reservoirs they haven't been so useful. In the past I have used the rugby ball (or american football) shaped ones and haven't been too enamored with their performance. They have a tendency to slip when casting, this is solved by winding line around the float before the elastic tube is inserted. When doing this though, when a large fish strikes the line squeezes into the float and can split it neatly in two.

i recently experimented with using a yarn indicator. There are great benefits when using this as it doesn't hit the water as hard as the pimps and seems to cast alot better. the down size is that it has to be fitted onto your line before any flies are added and can't be taken off so easily. they also have a greater tendency to slip.

i had seen the turn-on indicators a couple of times in magazines but struggled to find any in shops. After searching the internet i found them at quickly ordered them and they arrived the next day.

initial impressions are very promising, they attached and detached easily and can be made to stay put by putting more turns on. the only downside is the price, they do seem slightly overpriced for bits of foam but when you consider the price of other bite indicators, they are probably better value as they look pretty solid and they also come with spare inserts.


andrewgmurphy said...

Yo dude check this out!

thebigandyt said...

Thats pretty weird.

MY-NI said...

They kinda look like tic tacs for fish

sports handicapping services said...

Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.