Sunday, 23 March 2008

Diary Of Pimp

In the recent weeks I've become obsessed with looking at the stats on this website, both through google analytics and webmaster tools. There is always something to amuse me. In the Webmaster tools you can see the top twenty searchs people have clicked your site from, A couple of weeks ago position twenty was 'diary of pimp', pimp in my case refers to the float attached to a flyline. Of course there were more relevant sites to the search query, so i would have been buried quite far down the list but yet according to the stats, people are still clicking to my site through this search. It's not often the worlds of the sex trade worker and the flyfisherman collide.

When i started this blog thingy I had accepted he fact that it was pretty much only going to have been read by me. The stats tell me differently, so if you've swung by. Howdy. Also if you leave a comment and as long as it's not telling me how shit i am at fishing, i'll quite happily stick you on the blogroll.


MY-NI said...

I expect to get paid for every visitor you get from my blog. $1 per click!

Fisher said...

hahaha. same with me, I get only 2 keywords related to fishing out of 50