Thursday, 27 March 2008

27th March, Middle South Woodburn

Took the fly rods for a walk around the reservoir today, joined by David and Andrew, we though the rods looked thirsty so we gave them and extended drink in the water. Both Andrew and David seem to have thought that we were actually fishing and maintain that they felt fish nibbling at their flies.
At some point i may have tied on a couple of buzzers suspended under yarn. I'm finding the yarn casts alot better than with pimps.
Although we spent a couple of hours at water very little fish activity was seen. Possibly the cold or the brightness.
Next time lads, next time, i promise.


andrewgmurphy said...

I maintain I had a bite! I lost my bestest donegal fly ever! Damn trout, damn leader, damn my tying skills. Actually I bet it was a pike

thebigandyt said...

haha. ok, i'll let you have that one

MY-NI said...

So 3 of yas now and no fish.

I'm expecting Gerard among yas for the next fishing session lol

Are those scissors attached to Dave?

thebigandyt said...

yep, it's a new body mod, implanting various tools about ones person. it's the future